Cooking lessons

The French Academy


In Marie's French kitchen closes its State College's doors on June 31st, 2013, due to a change of location. 

Thank you all for your active participation and your interest in French cooking and baking!
Cooking Classes
Roll up your sleeves, it is not a demonstration!
You will participate actively in the preparation of various dishes that I offer, in order to learn more quickly the different techniques...
At the end of the class, you will sit down and enjoy the dish you just prepared!


French Cooking Classes (at your house)

  During 2 hours, you will discover the real French
  recipes, so chic and friendly, that you will be able to
  make at home again, for the pleasure of your family
  and your friends!
  Price:                             See the agenda

French Pastry Classes (in Marie's house)

  During approximately 3 hours, you will begin to make
  macaroons, madeleines, pastries... that you will bring
  home. Surprise your family and friends with beautiful
  recipes that are easier to make that you think (shhhh,
  it's a secret!)

  Price:                              See the agenda

Cooking for kids (in Marie's house)

  Your child will discover simple French recipes in a fun
  group. During 1 hour, she/he will learn easy
  techniques, and make a dish that she/he will bring 
  home for lunch or dinner...

  Price:                               See the agenda


In Marie's French kitchen - Marie's home

Special Offers 

              Pastry class for adults                                   Cooking for kids 
              Come with a friend,                                   Register siblings and get 
              and get both 10% off!                               10% for the second child! 

Gift Certificate
Don't forget! Now you can offer a gift certificate.  
It's easy, and so original!

The gift certificate is valid 6 months, 
and is available for all the classes (adults, kids)


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